About The Paint & Wine Studio of St. Louis September 12 2014

The Paint & Wine Studio was launched in Houston, Texas in 2010 by Brian Bullard, who has more than 30 years of "art and business" experience. A full time public "paint & sip", the studio also soon began co-creating independent paint and wine oriented studios throughout the nation.

In 2014 Bullard moved back to his hometown in St. Louis, Missouri, where he had opened his first art studio in the year 2000. The Paint & Wine Studio re-opened, this time in Maplewood, Missouri, and continued to host seminars and develop studios across the US.

In 2016 he moved to coastal Georgia to completely focus on the full-time development of other independent studios. Bullard has co-created 29 studios to date, instructed thousands in how to "have fun with paint", and consulted over 1000 art business owners. He just recently launched the "paint and sip database", hosted on this website.