Gallery for Portrait Oriented Paint & Wine Class Paintings

PORTRAIT ORIENTATION (click here for landscape)

We can design any painting for your private party or team building for free (copyright laws apply)!


Themed Paintings

Aventuras Sailing Boat for Rent Hidden Cove Naples Bay


Themed Paintings

Night Reflections* Paradise Palms Serengeti Sunrise Tree and Bird Cage

Urban / Architectural

Themed Paintings

Box of Hearts  Cafe Terrace  Eiffel Tower Impressionist Nude
Parisian Fountain Rain Princess* Russian Towers Scottish Ruins
Venice Canal Vibrant Market

Still Life  /  Foliage

& Other Paintings 

Chianti & Color Cross & Ribbon Fleuer di Lis Fruit & Flowers
Fruit in the Urn Fruit & Wine Herradura Tequila* Night Roses
Paint & Wine Floral Still Life Porcelain Vase Spring Poppies
Tree of Life