How do I start a paint, wine, and canvas business?

The first step in starting your own paint, wine, and canvas oriented business (paint and sip) is to decide whether you will go the "franchise" or "independent" studio route.

As a "franchisee", your costs will be approximately $100k and you must adopt the model and brand of the franchisor. A portion of every dollar you own will go to the HQ which is known as a "royalty fee". You must also sign a long-term contract (normally 7 years) which is known as the "franchise agreement".

As an independent, your costs will be approximately $10-20k by Grand Opening if you want a permanent studio location. You have 100% freedom in the decision making process of your brand, location, services offered, products sold, the hours you work, etc. You own the business and pay no royalties.

We've co-created 29 independent paint and sip studios since the year 2010, based on our successful model. In each case we've empowered business owners who were "on the fence" about getting involved in an expensive franchise when all they wanted to do was own a successful studio and make a good profit.

We offer -- business plans, licensing, brand development, location scouting, lease negotiation, buildout / contractor bid reviews and comparisons, studio design and inventory lists, art inventory lists, top SEO websites, social media establishment and integration, artist interview tips and reviews, instructor certification in the "paint & sip" style, licensed paintings, proven marketing tactics, and more. We co-create your entire paint and sip studio with you, there is literally no point along the way where you have to guess about what you should be doing.

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